The boldness of an Experimental Kitchen in Folk Metal melodies
Breaking paradigms in Extreme Metal with ethnic instruments

Buaiteoir (Folk Metal, Recife/PE) started its activities in 2013 and in 2021 it releases its first album Helianthus, which seeks references in genres such as (Folk, Extreme Metal and Experimental), bringing influence from bands such as (Fejd, Menhir, Bathory and Jethro Tull).

Band’s discography: “Darvaza” (demo, 2013), “Tionscnamh” (EP, 2014), “Sweet Lie of a bitter sooth and “Caoineadh” (single, 2016), “Helianthus” (album, 2021), Last hope (single, 2022) and 1916 – Tribute to Motörhead (single, 2022).

Helianthus album main subject is overcoming depression. The work addresses themes such as loneliness, anguish, melancholy, stress, routine, exhaustion, anxiety crisis, panic syndrome, depression, suicide and the power of feelings. These are personal experiences lived by João Andrade between 2013 and 2014, during the transition from late adolescence to adulthood, leaving aside daydreams and utopias (sweet lies) to face real life (bitter truth).

“No one is really free from depression, but you can learn to live with the disease.”

The album was produced in August 2021 at Viela Estúdio (Várzea, Recife), the home-studio of producer and musician João Andrade who re-edited, mixed and mastered the tracks from “Tionscnamh” (EP, 2014).

Andrade vocals and growls, plays the bass (Mandolin, Guitar, Bodhrán, Tin and Low Whistle), the other members are a flutist and a drummer, not fixed.