Tribute to Bathory

Primvs Ver (Ostara), is always a time of prosperity for João Andrade and his project, Buaiteoir. On the last September 30, 2022, Antichrist Magazine and Grand Sounds Promotion made another digital release on their Youtube channel. This time the Ukrainian magazine and producer released a tribute to the mighty Black Metal icon, Bathory, the band that wrote its story from the genius of Thomas Börje Forsberg (Quorthon).

Among bands from various parts of the world, Battle Raven, Brave and Hellish War are representing Brazil, as well as Buaiteoir, folk metal from Recife (Pernambuco), which reinterpreted the song Foreverdark woods.

In the words of the creator of the Buaiteoir, having participated in the Tribute to Motörhead, it was a great surprise. Shortly after this launch, that Buaiteoir had been invited to record one song to Tribute to Bathory, really left João Andrade speechless.

“Days after the release of Tribute to Motörhead (April 13, 2022), I received a new email from Antichrist and Grand Sounds inviting me to do something really great. There’s a biggest difference between recording a song, because you like the band and being invited to do that. I can consider that, today, Buaiteoir has the recognition it deserves for its effort without intention. Yes, without intention, because when I created the project, ten years ago, I just wanted to know how I would behave working in a genre of Metal far from what I used to hear and play.

As with Lemmy Kilmister, I had to study Quorthon’s work to choose the music that could have an affinity between both Buaiteoir and Bathory. The song chosen was “Foreverdark woods” from the Nordland album first part of 2002. Although many others were selected in the pre-production of the single.

For me as a musician, arranger and composer, says João Andrade, immersing myself in Thomas’ work was of great satisfaction, because in his essence, in addition to his genius, there is a lot of humbleness and sincerity. I can say, today, that for this and many other reasons, I have been getting closer and closer to Black Metal and moving away from other styles of Metal, which I dedicated a lot of myself, in the past. There is in those groups an aura of illogical dispute where your creativity is not considered, where there is a lot of judgment and demands for quality and technique that will get you nowhere. Those who make music do it for pleasure, not to seek fame or success or to be better than their peers. Words as “union”, “collegiality” and “support sound” are spurious in other aspects of Metal, because in the Black Metal scene, especially outside Brazil, there is a greater Black Metal essence that is reception and hospitality.

Currently, the Buaiteoir’s schedule is tight, according to Andrade, the book that brings the biography of the 10 years, that is, of the first phase of the project, is being finalized and will be launched in 2023. The possibility of a commemorative show and a few more is being studied. news that will be made available on the site in the coming months.